We made our beginning with starting a VKC at Ittamadu in 2005. Three years hence, we feel that the concept of VKC can not only be broadened but the benefits also can be taken to a larger rural audience. We are currently working very closely with the government to create an unprecedented Public- Non Profit Partnership. This would involve extending the benefits of VKCs to several villages. Source

Over the next 1 year (July 08 – June 09) we plan to expand from 1 VKC to 10 VKCs. We are also working towards establishing a full fledged computer training center in Ittamadu along with a Nemmadi center to provide e-governance services. The idea is to create a self sustaining eco-system of VKCs which can utilize resources optimally and operate synergistically. Here is the detailed proposal.

Activities at Ittimadu ...