Activities: Ittimadu VKC

The VKC at Ittamadu was inaugurated on 16th April 2005 by the then Principal Secretary, Rural Development, Mr. V.P. Baligar. The architects of the initiative were Mr. PSV Ananthanarayana, Mr. Ashok Kamath, Mr. Samir Kumar, Mr. Srikant Rao, Mr. Paresh Vora and Mr. V.P. Baligar himself. Ittamadu was chosen because of its proximity to Bangalore and presence of economically well-off residents, and some amount of computer literacy. The VKC model followed was that while the IITBAA will bear the capital cost of purchase of the computers, the running of the centre including salaries of the caretaker (Mr. Gangadhar) and maintenance would be borne by the Gram Panchayat. Such a model has succeeded in bringing about a sense of ownership among the panchayat for the centre.

The association contributed 2 personal computers, a printer, a UPS, a scanner and a web camera for the facility. The centre, which is located in the Gram Panchayat office, also has a library. In addition to this, it also received support from Azim Premji Foundation, which contributed educational software and Akshara Foundation donated children’s books. The Gram Panchayat provided the site and building for the center and also provides the salary for the care taker.

We have recently been able to get internet connectivity for the center. The Panchayat is planning to build a new site for VKC which can house 8-10 PCs. This will enable us to expand the current center into a full fledged computer training center and e-governance services center.

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