We have over 700 million people living in rural India and it is conceivable to bring the benefits of technology to rural areas to reduce the digital divide. Dr. Abdul Kalam expressed his vision for the knowledge centers during his address to the nation on the eve of 56th Republic Day – 2005. Ключар софия аварийни ключарски услуги в софия денонощен ключар.

“With the kind of awareness and opportunities available in ICT, it will soon become a reality wherein every one of our villages will have computers and connectivity available. These would be the window to the world of knowledge for our villages and also to reap the benefits of our e-governance, tele-education, tele-medicine, e-commerce and e-judiciary initiatives. In spite of the all pervasive nature of the computers they would still be far away from being a truly friendly access device for our villagers. We would need in such cases, a human intermediary who would act as the village information officer. He will be the extended eyes and ears of the villager to the world of knowledge. India has approximately 2.3 lakh Village Panchayats. I visualize establishment of village knowledge centers in these Panchayats to empower the villagers with the knowledge and to act as a nodal center for knowledge connectivity for the villagers. The knowledge center from which the villagers would access the information through the village information officer can also be used for collection, digital storage and dissemination of village specific information pertaining to any relevant information to the villagers. This will provide direct quality employment to over one million who will be instrumental in promoting higher level of wealth generation in our rural sector. The schemes discussed so far, have the potential to generate approximately a total of 56 million direct employments during the next 5 years. This does not include other employment avenues in the government and the private sectors. Together creating 76 million jobs in the next five years looks feasible if only we take up each of the above schemes in mission mode.”

This is our mission!

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