Partnering for success

Our experience at Ittamadu has made us aware of critical success factors for such a project. While creation of assets will initiate the centre, it needs to be backed by strong partnerships with NGOs and community organisations to ensure sustainability of benefits to the people.

We would welcome the support of NGOs and community organizations in the following areas:

  • Spread awareness about the Knowledge Centre and how it can impact their lives
  • Providing books and other educational material that will be useful to the people of the village
  • Computer training of VKC care-takers and panchayat members
  • Monitoring and evaluation of whether the VKC is meeting its intended objectives
  • Expanding the range of services that can be provided by the VKC

We thank Akshara Foundation and Azim Premji for their support in providing the Ittamadu centre with books and educational material.